World Autism Awareness Week

This week (26 March-2nd April) is World Autism Awareness Week. The purpose of WAAW is to raise awareness of the challenges people living with autism have to deal with on a daily basis and to raise funds through The National Autistic Society to ‘help transform lives, challenge perceptions and build a society that works for autistic people’(NAS). At Dolphin Homes we have a number of service users who are autistic and we take great pride in providing small, supportive homes where our service users feel comfortable and are able to enjoy life.

The senses are particularly important in communicating with autistic people and to support this we have developed sensory areas such as a sensory wall at the Laurels and the newly created sensory garden at Brendon Lodge; these include things to smell, see, hear and touch. We arrange outings but choose our venues and timings carefully to avoid too much overstimulation, which autistic people find challenging. These are some of the things we do at Dolphin Homes but there are many things which everyone can do to help those with autism cope in a world full of change, noise and overstimulation; if you want to know more about how to support someone with autism do visit:

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