Testimonials for Dolphin Homes

The Dolphin Homes team pride themselves on delivering high standards of care to our clients, resulting in a relaxed, comfortable environment and a happy place to live.

Please read about what a few of our service users, families and friends say about Dolphin Homes below.

I find it hard to find the words to describe how I feel, I am so happy and feel a weight has lifted off my shoulders now that David has made his home with you.  The difference in him is amazing both in appearance and attitude.  It was a joy to find him looking so clean and tidy and relaxed. His bedroom is just perfect with the toilet/shower so easily accessible to him, his beloved fire engines at easy level and his photos on the wall, thank you for that, he can’t see them but he knows they are there and most of all, he is like any other young person. I am amazed at the amount of activities he has partaken in since his arrival to you just a month or so ago, he appears happy and is happy. It was great going with him to the music class, I was impressed at how he listened to Gary and did what he suggested without question, he obviously loves the session. I can’t thank you enough, all of you, for helping him to gain his independence again, he is thrilled to be able to go to the bank himself again, with help and to withdraw his own money. He has a great rapport with Elliott who has become a good friend and influence to him. Thank you all so much for giving my son his life back. I look forward to visiting again as soon as I can, meantime, thank you all.

Mary A
Camberley Cottage

Extremely caring provider

Our son loves his life at Park View. He always communicated to us how happy he is. We visit regularly and the staff are always welcoming, friendly and helpful. He has a fun life there, appropriate for a young man of his age who likes to get out and about. Any problems he may have are always sorted quickly and professionally by staff who are excellent communicating with family. Park View has a delightful, family atmosphere and we are extremely grateful to staff for all their care.

Cathy T
Park View

Parkview Residential Home

My nephew lives at Park View and is very happy there. The team around him are very supportive of his needs and care. He has a well constructed day of activities and enjoy’s coming back home to relax either in his own space or mixing with other for dinner.

Coorienne Payne

My daughter has been at The Laurels since June 2011. The staff are dedicated to the care of the residents. In an emergency they all work together as a team. They deal with people who have high needs, physically. They do not panic but just get on with their work even when they are very busy. They welcome visitors, they provide entertainment and give parties for every birthday. They lay on appropriate parties at Christmas, Valentines Day, Easter, Mothers Day and Halloween.

B Walsh
The Laurels

A loving, caring, homely environment

The care at Orchard Lodge is outstanding, the family feel secure in the knowledge that their vulnerable relative is in excellent hands and is in a loving, friendly environment. The staff have gone out of their way to make sure that she is in the safest environment and in a position to aid her independence so she can move from room to room safely and not be shut in one area. They interact with her all the time, they are fabulous with all the residents and constantly organise entertainment, holidays and parties for them all. They are genuine in their approach to the residents, include their families and look after them if they have to go into hospital. If it were an elderly persons home I would be reserving a place for myself for when the time comes.

V Welland
Orchard Lodge

Very Caring & Professional

The staff at the home are always keen to do the best for their residents. They want to do their best for them and are willing to improve their practice if necessary.

Cathy P
Orchard Lodge

Peace of mind

I have a relative that is a resident of Orchard Lodge. When I visit my relative is always happy and relaxed which gives me peace of mind.

T Ross
Orchard Lodge

Lots of love and care

I am very happy with the homely way in which The Laurels is run, lots of love and care and a lovely atmosphere. The staff are pleasant and everyone is very happy. I feel very lucky to have The Laurels.

S Day
The Laurels


My relative has received excellent care at Orchard Lodge in Havant. Residents are treated with respect and their dignity is maintained, there is an active daily life and I feel the home provides safe and comfortable care.

B Rawlins
Orchard Lodge

Very happy and well cared for

Our relative is very happy at Orchard Lodge and is well cared for. The staff are very caring and make us very welcome when we visit.

C Case
Orchard Lodge

Keep up the good work

As a parent we have a very good arrangement with the management and staff at Brendon Lodge and they with us. It is very important that we know our daughter is well looked after. Keep up the good work.

M Gregory
Brendon Lodge

Care and happiness comes first

Over the 8 years my daughter has been a resident at Brendon Lodge she has been very happy to return there after spending weekends and holidays with us. It has put our minds at rest and now we are enjoying what time we have with peace of mind. We have very good communications with the staff so any problems are sorted out straight away. Care and happiness comes first and, looking at her with the staff, they are doing a good job.

Patricia G
Brendon Lodge

Caring and friendly staff

The staff are Caroline House are very caring, friendly and generally take care of the residents. The homes management is good, overall it is a happy home for the residents, and the best care home we have seen.

Michael R
Caroline House

A Lovely Home

It was lovely to see him so relaxed today and we are always made to feel so welcome by all staff. You run a lovely home and we so aware of how lucky Alex is to be with you. We are very grateful Alex has found Park View!

Park View

Very Friendly

I like the staff and the other people I live with because they are very friendly. I like being able to go out and about independently because I can get to meet new friends. I like my bedroom because I have lots of space.

The Oaks

I Make My Own Choices

My name is Christopher but you can call me Chris. I have lived at Camberley Cottage since September 2009. I like living at Camberley Cottage because the staff are fantastic. The atmosphere at Camberley Cottage is good. My key workers have helped me to gain more independence. I like living near to the shopping centre because I can catch the public bus or drive my electric wheelchair in to the town centre if the house bus is not available. At Camberley Cottage I get to choose the meals that I like. I like having a choice. I am not told what to do because the staff give me a choice and treat me like an adult.

Camberley Cottage