Supported Living For Adults With Learning Disabilities Near Me

With thirteen care homes active across Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire.

Dolphin Homes is a premier provider of care homes for supported living for adults with learning disabilities.
We are proud of our work; every staff member is trained and certified fully and is tied to our mission to provide an ordinary lifestyle for our clients that enables them to build social connections and to pursue and promote their achievements and strengths.

Our philosophy

We are committed to realising a dignified and full life to every adult who lives at any of our homes and we are dedicated to providing necessary physical care in a manner that is non-intrusive.

We are continually updating and refining our professional guidelines and framework in an ongoing effort to offer the best possible care homes for disabled adults in the UK.

With ongoing training helping our staff to provide care to the highest standard possible, we are known for our warm approach and belief in respecting every individual as a unique and precious person of equal worth.

Supported Living For Adults With Learning Disabilities Near Me
Supported Living For Adults With Learning Disabilities Near Me

Our care homes for disabled adults incorporate different aspects of physical and emotional care and the availability of activity and choice to provide a life that is enriched and full of opportunity.

We understand that any adult, whatever their circumstance and need, has an inalienable right to healthcare, education, personal development, respect and the choice to participate in a friendly and supportive community equally.

Take a look at some of our Residential Adult Learning Disability Care Homes

Caroline House, Myrtle Cottage, Orchard Lodge, Brendon Lodge, The Oaks, Camberley Cottage, The Laurels, Beach View, Fairlea, Sea Breeze, Park View, Hill Lodge, Abbey House.