Assisted Living For Disabled Adults

Dolphin homes are proud to provide a trusted assisted living service to adults across the UK. We work closely with every individual we support to enable them to live a dignified life.

It’s our mission to help adults in the UK who struggle with learning, physical and mental disabilities or challenging behaviours.

We understand that every adult has an equal right to a life with opportunity and wellbeing and it is our proud duty to make that a reality for every adult we work with.

Helping to develop lives

Our support is provided in a tailored fashion that is person-centred and designed to give freedom of choice, safety and comfort.

Our care philosophy underpins all the work we do; we have a clearly defined set of principles that we instil our staff and into our service, setting us apart as trusted and reputable providers of assisted living care for disabled adults in the UK.

As part of our assisted living service, Dolphin takes great care in supporting adults with disabilities so that they can develop skills to maximise their ability to live independently.

We work with each adult separately to create a plan that encourages and enables them to achieve personal care, healthy eating and the training of important life skills such as paying bills and managing the home to the best of their ability.

We understand that any adult, whatever their circumstance and need, has an inalienable right to healthcare, education, personal development, respect and the choice to participate in a friendly and supportive community equally.

You can find out more about our nursing rehabliition services here and more information about how we can help with adult assisted living please contact us here.

Assisted living for disabled adults in Hampshire
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