Care Philosophy

Throughout Hampshire, Surrey and West Sussex, Dolphin’ care philosophy and core values of delivering first class quality care and support are at the foundation of everything we offer.

By delivering independent living in one of our many care homes, Dolphin will support those who require our services with experience, integrity, flexibility and give individuals the choice and freedom within a safe, relaxed and comfortable environment to endeavour to lead a fulfilling life.

At Dolphin we are committed to:

  • Actively promoting each person’s participation in an ordinary lifestyle by encouraging them to become active and valued participants within both their home setting and local community.
  • Supporting people to access community facilities.
  • Creating positive expectations by promoting each person’s achievements and strengths without losing sight of their disability and individual needs.
  • Provision of physical care in a non-intrusive and dignified way.
  • Work with people, their families and professionals within a framework of anti-discriminatory practice in such a way as to promote each person’s individual values.

It is our aim that our working practices will reflect the belief that all people, irrespective of need, will have the right to:

  • Be respected as unique individuals of equal worth.
  • Equality of opportunity.
  • Healthcare.
  • Choice and consultation.
  • Education and personal development.
  • Active participation in the community sustaining relationships with family and friends.
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